Getting ready for bed wearing anmako cotton pyjamas

How good nightwear elevates your travel experience

Cotton pyjamas are known for offering comfort and breathability to induce a good night sleep. Here’s why you need comfy nightwear for your travels.
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Whether you’re travelling for work or leisure, research has shown that a good night’s sleep is essential to ensure that you are well-rested and rejuvenated for the day ahead. Here’s where investing in good nightwear comes in: specifically designed to keep you comfortable and healthy, it’s an easy way to upgrade your travel experience.

1. Optimising your sleep quality

Regulating your body temperature

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night feeling uncomfortably warm? This happens because our body temperature falls a little at night, and the heat and moisture we lose gets trapped in our clothes and sheets.

Wearing pure cotton sleepwear can mitigate discomfort caused by these changes in body temperature. Be it acting as a shield against the cold (especially in a chilly air-conditioned hotel room!) or allowing heat to disperse evenly off your body, good quality sleepwear means more uninterrupted sleep.

Getting ready for bed wearing anmako cotton pyjamas

Getting ready for bed

Sleeping in a bed that’s not your own can make it harder to fall asleep. Putting on a familiar set of cotton pyjamas will minimise irritation to the skin and be a source of comfort in a foreign environment. Also, its softness and design mean that you won’t feel restricted when you move about and sleep.

Just like getting ready to go leave the house, you can get dressed for the occasion when you go to bed, too! Building a routine of changing into sleepwear can psychologically signal that it’s time for bed, so your brain settles down into sleep mode for the night, just as you would at home.

2. Boosting your immunity & overall health

waking up comfortably with anmako cotton pyjamas

Your skin renews itself and undergoes a series of other bodily processes as you sleep, shedding dead skin cells and moisture. Without proper nightwear, dirt and bacteria will accumulate on your sheets, detrimentally affecting your skin and overall health. Moreover, getting a good night’s sleep has been shown to bear positive impacts on your mood, mental acuity, and the operation of your immune system.

You may not be able to get your sheets changed every night, regardless of whether you’re home or abroad. Instead, invest in nightwear that is lightweight, breathable, and easy to wash like cotton pyjamas, making it ideal to bring on trips to leave you feeling fresh.

3. Looking and feeling presentable

Although comfort and functionality are the most important factors when choosing sleepwear, looking good can boost your confidence and ensure that you’re presentable, just in case you need to hop on a sudden Zoom call or run a quick errand.

Anmako’s nightwear, including our cotton pyjamas, is tailored to all the aforementioned benefits. Made of Japanese 80 Lawn Cotton, it is crisp yet soft, it doesn’t crease easily and comes in a plethora of elegant designs with long-lasting colours. Based on your personal style and climate, you have the freedom to choose between long or short sleeves, and pyjama sets or nightdresses.

Looking and feeling presentable with anmako cotton pyjamas

As we begin to travel more, don’t forget to look after yourself, too. Going to bed is the best time to recharge – owning proper nightwear alleviates most concerns involving a good night’s rest, and is a great way to pamper yourself in a foreign environment. Take care!

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by Jillian Ng

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