Anmako’s classic ‘Singapore Chic’ is designed with 
elegance, functionality, and quality lying at its heart. 
Here at Anmako, we offer clothing items that suit the dynamism and vibrancy of a modern Singaporean lifestyle. Fusing traditional Indonesian art with contemporary Japanese flair, our idea of Singapore Chic draws inspiration from Singapore’s blend of international cultures, enjoyable tropical climate, and balance of work, play, and leisure. 

We have a deep appreciation for Asian art and textiles, and we endeavour to reflect this in our style. Our range currently comprises carefully curated cotton and linen materials from Indonesia and Japan, but we anticipate the introduction of fabrics from across Asia in the near future. With these, we create perennially comfortable and beautiful products that are perfect for the home, at work, or on holiday. 

We fashion our products based on our core values:
Simplicity, Quality, Practicality, and Beauty 

Simplicity – We keep the design of our products simple, clean, and modest to accentuate the lovely colours and patterns of our fabrics. 
Quality – From carefully selecting our raw materials to ensuring high-calibre cutting and sewing techniques, quality matters to us. 
Practicality – It is important to us that our products are comfortable, modest, and flattering for all body types. Our dresses come with pockets to maximise their functionality. 
Beauty – Inspired by Asian sensibilities, we create and curate our own cloth to express their timeless charm. 

To us, clothing offers a personalised opportunity to present a reflection of ourselves. That’s why we believe so strongly in using unique, quality fabrics to design classic and graceful products. 

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