Classic , Graceful, timeless

Anmako’s classic ‘Singapore Chic’ is designed with

Elegance, Functionality, and Quality lying at its heart.

We create perennially comfortable and beautiful products that are perfect for the home, at work, or on holiday. We have a deep appreciation for Asian art and textiles, and endeavour to reflect this in our style.

Clothing offers a personalised opportunity to present a reflection of ourselves. That’s why we believe so strongly in using unique, quality fabrics to design classic and graceful products. 

Customer Reviews

Wearing your dress yesterday. Had so many compliments!

Ms Lee

heritage never goes out of style

Batik Tulis

Batik Tulis is fully hand-drawn batik. It is a true piece of traditional art – no two pieces are exactly the same.

Making Batik Tulis is complex and time-consuming. The more intricate the pattern and the more colours desired, the longer the process takes. Depending on how detailed the design is, the time needed to complete the cloth may vary from weeks, to months, and some even years.

We handpick our Batik Tulis based on their amazing colours and representation of both traditional and modern. All our Batiks are sourced directly from Indonesia.

Frequently asked question

Can I try on your dresses before ordering online?

YES! All the dresses online are available at our showroom for you to try on. Our showroom is located at 51 Hume Avenue #01-05 and open daily from Tuesday to Friday. Please check the opening hours on our Stores page.

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