How you can celebrate Chinese New Year

How you can celebrate Chinese New Year

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From 拜年 (paying respect to and visiting relatives) to card games and mahjong, Chinese New Year involves a plethora of festivities to celebrate and usher in the new year. Here are some ways to make the most of the season with your loved ones.

Chinese New Year, symbolically a time of renewal and new beginnings, is also an opportunity to reunite with those you love. 

We imagine that you want to ring in the new year in a way that makes for the greatest enjoyment and happiness for your family, all while accounting for cherished practices and traditions. This isn’t always easy, though – we know it can sometimes be stressful to plan for such an important occasion. 

As the Chinese New Year season rolls around, we thought we’d share some suggestions and considerations for this special period to hopefully make that decision just a little bit easier.

Organise a meal at a restaurant

Having 团圆饭 at a restaurant has its perks. Aside from selecting a venue, deciding on dishes, and making the reservation, very little preparation is required. This hands-off approach means you’re able to spend less time concerning yourself with the execution so that you can focus on enjoying yourself. 

Still, a nice meal outside can be quite costly (especially with seasonal Chinese New Year menus), and there is less room for personalisation. You may also feel restricted by the prescribed dining duration or food options available, and might worry about disturbing (or being disturbed by) other guests around you. 

Open your home for a reunion dinner
Hosting 团圆饭 can easily become a stressful affair: figuring out the menu, preparing the food, keeping everybody happy and entertained, and the clean-up process too. All the responsibility may even mean that you risk not having a good time yourself.

However, it’s an arrangement where you won’t feel held back by time constraints or fear of disturbing others. Most importantly, your guests will be able to feel the warmth and comfort that only a home can offer, and you can tailor the experience to your family’s unique preferences. They’ll appreciate your hospitality and sincerity. 

This is the perfect option if your celebration extends beyond just a meal (like hosting guests to pay respect to elders who live with you, or an annual karaoke session) – and, crucially, if you think the hard work will be worth it. 

Going on a family holiday 

As Chinese New Year entails a day or two of public holidays, it’s becoming an increasingly popular period for vacations. 

But this is a little tricky, particularly for more traditional families, as being abroad for Chinese New Year inevitably means missing the larger family reunion and other festivities. It might not be so easy for older relatives to participate and can be expensive as well. 

On the other hand, it means your immediate family can take a break and spend plenty of quality time together – arguably the most important part of Chinese New Year, rather than worrying about any obligations. It’s a chance to bond with those you love most and blend tradition with new experiences to create lasting memories. 


At the end of the day, Chinese New Year should be about enjoying the festivities and spending time with those you love – in a meaningful way that best suits your family. Whatever the occasion, Anmako hopes to be by your side for this auspicious season. Our extensive suite of dresses beautifully suits any celebration, with sophisticated and elegant options for dining out, comfortable and effortless dresses perfect for hosting a home party, and even heritage-inspired outfits that are versatile enough for trips overseas. 

This Lunar New Year, we wish you and your loved ones the best of fortune and health. 

Written by Jillian Ng

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