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Singapore has a tropical climate, and short dresses offer a practical solution to beat the heat and stay comfortable throughout the day, especially during work or casual outings.

  1. Versatility: Short dresses can be versatile and easily transitioned from day to night, making them suitable for various occasions. These short dresses can be dressed up or down depending on the accessories and footwear, making them a convenient choice for both work and play.
  2. Fashion trends and design innovation: Local brands like ours are better attuned to Singaporeans’ fashion preferences and we are fast to adapt to the latest trends and styles.
  3. Easy Styling: The styling process is made easy with short dresses. For a casual style, wear them with sandals, sneakers or ankle boots; for an elevated look, choose heels. Short dresses are simple to accessorise, simply add a belt, a piece of jewellery, or a stylish handbag to complete your outfit.
  4. Simplicity: To highlight the lovely colours and patterns of our fabrics, we keep the design of our products simple, clean, and modest.

We are passionate about choosing unique, high-quality materials to create timeless, elegant clothing.

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