Adapting Your Wardrobe to Work from Home

Adapting Your Wardrobe to Work from Home

It can be tough to dress for work when you're working from home. Adapting your wardrobe for comfort and style can help make the transition a little bit easier. We’ve got some tips on how to make your clothes work for you, regardless of where you are or what you’re doing.

Because of the extraordinary circumstances of the past almost-two years, working from home continues to be the new normal for most of us. The idea of staying home has become both comforting yet monotonous, and this reflects itself in our wardrobes too – having historically been segregated according to clothes for home versus ‘going out’, we often have to alternate between pyjamas and work clothes (for the virtual meeting) to suit our online social setting, which can be cumbersome and frustrating.

The extended amount of time we spend at home has made it increasingly important that we are comfortable and confident for the sake of our physical and mental well-being, and looking at our closets is a great place to start. With the ultimate goal of having adaptable outfits that are cosy enough to wear at home, yet classy enough to be appropriate for a meeting, read more to see some suggestions on how you can incorporate loungewear into your wardrobe to get the best of both worlds.

Versatility is key

When it comes to thinking about the ideal work-from-home outfit, its properties need to complement what you do aside from working as well, like cooking, cleaning, resting, and even running errands. It also needs to be comfortable enough for a whole day’s worth of sitting down/standing up to do these activities.

With that in mind, a knee-length dress is well-suited for this – especially one made of Batik. Some come with flip sleeves too, so that you can switch up your look!

Designed to work simultaneously as an item of loungewear and for formal dress, with its hand-stamped Batik print, the dress is effortlessly elegant and unique, and you’ll be ready to face the day and stun in any Zoom meeting.

Look extra professional when you need to

Look Extra Professional When You Need Batik Dress

For meetings that require that extra bit of professionalism, you can pair any formal dress shirt with this free-size skirt, which is made from either Batik or Japanese fabric, with an elastic waistband for maximal comfort.

This skirt promises incredible comfort and breathability. Its minimalist style is modest yet classy and will look fashionable whether paired with a T-shirt or a button-up. This interchangeability means that you can easily switch out tops according to whatever setting is required – perfect for the dynamism of any day.

Take care of your feet, too

From hampering blood flow to causing stress on our bones, both modern medicine and traditional Chinese beliefs underline the repercussions that walking barefoot on tiled, marble, or hardwood floors bear on your health.

Take Care Of Your Feet

That’s why house slippers have become so popular. They reduce the swelling and soreness you can get by the end of the day after walking around the house all day, and a pair of high-quality slippers can benefit your foot health too by protecting your arch and minimising pressure on your soles.

These non-slip and machine-washable Batik slippers have a linen and cotton insole that can be worn indoors and outdoors. They fit to the shape of your feet, and will definitely help you feel much better at the end of the day.

It is so important that we look after ourselves, even when we work from the comforts of our home, to avoid spiraling into a state where we aren’t looking after ourselves and our appearance. By consistently dressing elegantly yet comfortably, it will help us to maintain good levels of productivity on a daily basis and adapt better to the ever-changing circumstances. If you’d like to see the variety of daywear items we have available, do check out Anmako’s batik shop online or in-person store!

Written by Jillian Ng


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