Travel light and easy with Batik daywear

Travel light and easy with Batik daywear

The perfect holiday outfits lie where style, comfort, and versatility intersect. With a wardrobe that has these values at its core, dressing up on vacation becomes effortless and fun!

We’re all beginning to make plans for our next vacation, and accompanying that is a desire to look and feel good when we’re on holiday. However, thinking about what to wear shouldn’t be a stressful affair. 

The perfect holiday outfits lie where style, comfort, and versatility intersect. With a wardrobe that has these values at its core, dressing up on vacation becomes effortless and fun. Here’s why Batik daywear is the ideal fashion companion for your travels. 

Activating ‘Holiday Mode’

Just as holidays involve a physical transition, we need a mental shift too: getting into the right frame of mind to enjoy our vacation! For this occasion, we want clothes that simultaneously reflect the stress-free vibe of a holiday – exciting, relaxed, and fulfilling.  

Something like our new Summer Resort Dress (coming soon!) complements this mood perfectly. Unlike our typical work outfits or home clothes, the bright colours and patterns of batik are sure to catalyse a shift into holiday mode. It psychologically signals to our bodies that it’s time to kick back and enjoy.  

Summer Resort Dress


Streetside shopping, beachfront chilling, museum hopping, fine dining… on holiday, our itineraries often entail a variety of scenes, and having to account for outfit changes can put a dent in our plans. That’s why versatility is essential to your vacation wardrobe: knowing that you’ll always be appropriately dressed gives you one less thing to worry about. 

Any kind of Batikwear is excellent for vacation, but our Sleeveless Top is especially adaptable for any travel scene. Highlighting the intricacies of Batik, it can be easily paired with items that are already in your wardrobe. This gives you the flexibility of dressing up (or down), for example: 

  • With a pair of shorts for a casual, comfortable look, 
  • With flowy pants or a long skirt for a relaxed, effortless look, or 
  • With work pants or culottes for an editorial, chic look
    Sleeveless Top

Allowing you to pack less, for more 

Adding on to the theme of versatility, outfits that allow you to pack lighter for more occasions make for a lighter bag, too! Our Narrow Strap Dress is an exceptional example of this, with its gorgeous midi length and flattering narrow straps. Pair it with some sandals to shop in the daytime; swap those out for some heels and you have an outfit befitting a nice restaurant.

The composition of Batik means that it’s quick to dry and hardly creases: hand wash it at the end of the day, and it’ll be ready for you to wear in the morning. It’s soft, flowy, and breathable. In fact, the more you wash it, the softer and more comfortable it gets!

Narrow Strap Dress

    Keeping home close to your heart

    Having been designated an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, Batik is a great representation of Singapore’s multicultural landscape. The modern patterns and vibrant colours of our Sleeveless Shift Dress unify the balance between the traditional and contemporary. This makes it a great symbol of Singapore’s melting pot of cultures. 

    Sleeveless Shift Dress

    At the end of the day, even if we aren’t homesick, we all think of home while on holiday. Wearing clothing items that are rich in cultural significance, like Batik, allows us to show off an exquisite and meaningful piece of who we are. Being able to keep home close to our hearts, even while abroad, is sure to evoke comfort and reflect our pride in the notion of home. 


    Stay safe and have fun on your travels! 

    Written by Jillian Ng

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