As small company as we are, we do what we can do to contribute to a more sustainable future.  We create our products responsibly and enable you to maximize their wear with the long-lasting quality, design and proper care instructions.  This year, we are going to source more sustainably-made materials and considering recycling projects.

      1. We only make what we think we can sell. We produce in small batches, buying as close to demand as possible to prevent overproduction. We appreciate your patience in waiting for the next shipment.
      2. We pride ourselves on working with great craftsmen and craftswomen in Asia. Each product we create is made possible by generations of artisanry, ensuring every product will stand the test of time. Our design is timeless and functional. Our dresses are made to be worn daily, again and again.
      3. We reuse our plastic bags.  You may have noticed that our plastic bags to keep our stocks are often old and crumpled.  This is a part of our effort to reduce the waste.  We appreciate your kind understanding.


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