Styling Your Batik Clothing

Styling Your Batik Clothing

Batik prints are full of history and they are mostly found on our traditional sarongs, cheongsams, and kebayas. But today, batik shops in Singapore have embraced fusing those classic motifs with modern styles of clothing to give it a fresh new look. Here's how you can look chic and fashionable with our spin on batik clothing!

Living in a country brimming with culture, we’re fortunate to have our sarees, batik, and cheongsam shops in Singapore to be proud of. Batik prints are full of history and they are mostly found on our traditional sarongs, cheongsams, and kebayas. But today, batik shops in Singapore have embraced fusing those classic motifs with modern styles of clothing to give it a fresh new look. With their elegant designs and modern cuts, these batik pieces can be easily worn by anyone, at any time. We’ve rounded up five new styles to inspire your next batik clothing:

  1. Picnic day out

So, what can one do if they wish to carve out time for joy with their loved ones during this period while also adhering to social-distance measures to combat the spread of COVID-19?

Picnics are a terrific method to accomplish precisely that, as simple as they sound. Nothing screams “picnic chic” quite like the sleeveless batik tops from Anmako. The batik prints make it easy to match with any plain bottom or if you’d like, go ahead and pair it with matching shorts! Complete your look with a statement necklace and you’re all set.

2. Barbeque gathering

When it comes to barbeque gatherings, it’s so much simpler to decide on an outfit unlike dining with friends at a restaurant. It’s always a good idea to keep your outfit comfortable and laidback for barbeque get-togethers.

Anmako’s range of airy sleeveless knee-length dresses is great for a humid barbeque session. The structure of this sleeveless knee-length batik dress will accentuate your curves gently and the V-shape neckline exudes a clean, yet modest look - letting you stay comfortable while looking elegant.

3. On a cruise

Woman Wearing A Sleeveless Batik Maxi Dress

The closest thing we can get to traveling these days is going on a cruise to nowhere. Cruising lets you unwind by the pool, sightsee and shop in numerous ports, participate in exhilarating excursions, and sink your teeth into delectable cuisines. Between daytime activities, lazy afternoons by the pool, and semi-formal dinners, cruises require a few wardrobe changes throughout the day. So you may want to pack light by bringing essential pieces of clothing that you can repeatedly wear throughout your sea vacation.

A staple that you can add to your wardrobe is a batik sleeveless maxi dress from Anmako. The authentic hand-dyed batik prints on this flowy dress are everything you need to look at the part on deck at sea. If you’re planning a cruise holiday with your partner, match his outfit with yours with the batik men’s shorts! Not only are they comfortable to move around in, but they make a fashion statement as well.


4. Cocktail party

When it comes to a cocktail party reception, take things up a notch and keep it traditional. Instead of donning a conventional cocktail dress, try opting for a knee-length batik dress instead. The hand-stamped batik motifs give off a sophisticated and classy look. f you’re headed to a wedding reception, finishing this outfit off with a pair of stilettos will do the trick.

Planning on bringing a plus one? Match your outfits with a batik shirt for him. Anmako’s long-sleeved batik shirt is slim-fit and is not as boxy as a traditional batik shirt making it perfect for casual wear too.

Anmako has a wide range of matching batik dresses for you and batik shirts for your man as well, so you can both be dressed to the nines together. Alternatively, you can switch things up by complementing each other’s outfits with similar batik patterns or colours if you’re not into wearing the exact same batik prints.

5. Office

Classic Long Sleeved Batik Blouse

Now that most of us are working from home, we don’t really have the opportunity to dress up for work. So the next time you have a chance to attend a physical meeting with your clients, don’t miss out on the opportunity to show up in a classic batik blouse!

The modern cut of this beautiful long-sleeved blouse can double up as an outfit for you to lounge at home and attend formal meetings in the office as well!


Another way you can style your workwear is by pairing our flowy batik skirt with a simple shirt for a classy look. Our range of batik skirts comes with elastic waistbands that hug your curves in a flattering way. Keep your eyes peeled on our socials to stay updated with our latest launch as we will be coming up with more beautiful batik outfits that are apt for office wear. Look forward to more of our custom-made batik motifs being incorporated into classic modern fashion pieces.

Batik Clothing in Singapore

Batik prints will never go out of style. When it comes to fashion and styling, sometimes keeping it traditional gives your outfit a fresh new look. Whether you’re going for a picnic, cocktail party, or simply attending a client meeting, Anmako has a wide range of batik clothing items to choose from. Our batik prints are inspired by the Singapore lifestyle. Take your pick and browse through our online collection of batik clothing today!


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