Batik Casual Dress


Anmako Singapore blends Indonesian traditional art with Japanese contemporary flair to create a modern and vibrant Singapore Chic.


Our style is deeply inspired by the unique Singapore lifestyle, which is "City & Resort", "Modern & Traditional" and "Global & Local".   Singapore is a place where we can enjoy the tropical weather all year round, experience the dynamic mixture of Asian cultures and work in the modern and vibrant international environment.  Anmako Singapore offers the clothes which fit into such distinctive lifestyle.


Using both our original and carefully curated cotton and linen materials from Indonesia and Japan,  we create unique, beautiful and comfortable all day and night wears in which people can lounge at home, work in office, enjoy resort holiday or simply have a good night sleep in bed!

Front view of vintage traditional Strait
Colorful Bougainvillea

Our products are made based on our core values, 

"Simplicity, Quality, Practicality and Beauty"

Simplicity - As our textile has many colours and patterns, the designs of dresses are kept as simple as possible to bring out the beauty of material itself. 

Quality - Not only we carefully select the row materials but also thrive to improve the quality of cutting and sewing.

Practicality - All our dresses come with pockets.  Also, they have no tight waistline so that any body shape can fit in comfortably.  

Beauty - We curate and create our own textile to express timeless beauty of Asian sensibilities.

We believe that our clothes are a part of our personality, a reflection of our mind.  Therefore, we want to keep our style simple, modest and clean.   Our dresses are made to appear pleasant and elegant to anyone and never to be outdated.  We seek to use only unique fabrics from Asia  which have amazing quality.